Thursday, 22 May 2014

How to get different types of car insurance coverage on discount rate?

Auto Insurance or motor insurance as commonly referred helps to protect the losses anyone might cause while driving on a busy road. The genuine loss could be a result of an accident or theft. The amount as premium of his car insurance is allocated on the basis of insured declared value of the vehicle. A minimum change in IDV can create a whole lot of difference to the car insurance premium. If he raises the IDV, the premium goes high and if he lowers it down, the premium decreases. It is most important for any policy holder to compare auto insurance quotes online free before going for an auto insurance renewal or buying a new policy.

In this era of advertisements, choosing the right auto insurance can be quite a heavy task. The ideal way of making a correct choice is to compare several quotes before buying a policy plan. Cheap online quotes on auto insurance comparison helps the customer not just to get the best policy available but also to add extra valuable riders and benefits to the plan. Comparing online quotes can save you up to 55% on car insurance monthly premium. That is why smart customers always make an online comparison before making purchase of a policy.

Car insurance is usually of 3 types - Third Party Coverage, Comprehensive Coverage and Collision Coverage.

Third Party Liability Coverage:- Third Party Car Insurance covers the insurer against any legal proximity to a third party resulting when the customer is a fault driver. It covers damage or injury caused by him to another person or its property.

Comprehensive Coverage:- A comprehensive car insurance policy is more vast and preferred by most people. The coverage includes theft or damage of vehicle, third party liability and personal accident cover. The policy coverage can be extended by opting for extras like zero depreciation cover, engine protector, accessories cover, medical expenses, etc.

Collision Coverage:- Collision cover protects the insured against damage to his or her own car. It pays the insured for losses caused by collision. Damage or loss due to vandalism or theft is not included in collision cover. For more information please visit

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